Allegheny Conference on Community Development

With offices and rooms filled with natural light, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development is a perfect setting for visual art.

As one of our longest standing clients, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development transformed its work and meeting environment with the works of more than 30 regional artists since 2013.

You can view the Allegheny Conference on Community Development's exhibition by appointment only in their offices located on the 17th floor of 11 Stanwix Street. To schedule an appointment to view this exhibition, contact Art on the Walls client manager Erin O'Neill at

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Current Exhibition

  • I Dreamed Of The Sea by Patricia Chiacu Apuzzo

    Patricia Chiacu Apuzzo

    I work with color and the interplay between shapes, in shadow. Color is the driving force behind all my art. I become excited by different things and going in different directions and do not limit myself to one type of work.

  • See Us by Ashley A. Jones

    Ashley A. Jones

    Jones is best known for her illustrations and portraits, which have evolved over time to speak to the history and contemporary challenges of Black identity in America. Currently, Jones' work deals with re-imagining classical-style painting and figurative art, by incorporating a mix of silhouette-style painting and collage.

  • High rise point of view of a building reflected in another Downtown Pittsburgh building

    Richard Kelly

    As a photographer, I document spaces looking for light and shape to reveal the unique essence of something familiar.Humans make these spaces for things that humans do. My practice of making landscapes in urban settings grew from my walks with a camera. There is no better way to experience a place.

  • The Flying African by Mikael Owunna

    Mikael Owunna

    This image was created by multidisciplinary artist Mikael Owunna, who leveraged his training as an engineer to build a camera flash that only transmits ultraviolet light. Owunna meticulously hand-painted the body of the model with fluorescent paints that only glow under ultraviolet light and photographed him in total darkness.

  • Sheltering In Place by Susan Palmisano

    Susan Palmisano

    Influenced by Buddhist philosophy, my work looks at the condition of being human from the perspective of interconnectedness and flux. The work examines the endless stream of ever-shifting experience and how it continually changes our understanding of the universe and our relationship within it.

  • The X Factor of Pittsburgh. Diptych by Arindam Sen

    Arindam Sen

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Photography, to me, is my way of telling a story. In my attempt to do that I take the viewer right into the scene as it's being lived through. For the viewer, it is a joy of experiencing that story and gets soaked into it as time stands still.

Past Exhibitions


  • Seth Clark
  • Ashley A. Jones
  • atiya jones
  • Richard Kelly
  • Susan Palmisano
  • Staycee Pearl


  • John M. Barbiaux
  • Claire Hardy
  • Lori Hepner
  • Ramon Riley
  • Mia Tarducci
  • William D. Wade


  • Ron Donoughe
  • Claire Hardy
  • Clayton Merrell
  • Kenneth Neely
  • Dave Rasel
  • Sara Beck Sweeney
  • Gerard Tonti 


  • Cory Bonnet
  • Robert Bowden
  • Meg Dooley
  • Leo Goode
  • David Wadsworth
  • Carolyn Wenning
  • Susanne Slavick


  • Hope Alcorn
  • Carolyn Carson
  • Daviea Davis
  • John Dorinsky
  • Fran Gialamas
  • Heather Hertel
  • Deborah Hosking
  • Richard McWherter
  • Garry Merola
  • Helen Naimark
  • Jane Ogren
  • Janice Parks of the Nia Quilt Guild