Allegheny Conference on Community Development

With offices and rooms filled with natural light, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development is a perfect setting for visual art.

As one of our longest standing clients, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development transformed its work and meeting environment with the works of more than 30 regional artists since 2013.

All work in the exhibit is available for sale, unless noted otherwise, and artists receive 80% of each sale. Purchase a piece today by clicking on "purchase art" below.

You can view the Allegheny Conference on Community Development's exhibition by appointment only in their offices located on the 17th floor of 11 Stanwix Street. To schedule an appointment to view this exhibition, contact Patrick Fisher at

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Current Exhibition

  • A smiling person with shoulder-length blonde hair wearing a white v-neck shirt and a rust-colored cardigan. They're pictured next to a cropped image of a piece of artwork containing repeated patterns

    Emily Conklin

    Emily Conklin's mixed media paintings and sculptures explore memories, dreams, transformation, and ultimately peace.
  • A Black woman poses smiling next to a collage of two details of acrylic paintings featuring Black girls

    Ashley A. Jones

    Ashley Jones’ artwork questions identity and beauty standards related to the experiences of African-American women and girls. When she creates, she aims to tell a story and give a visual on the complex narrative of what it’s like to be a Black female in America.
  • A smiling woman with brown hair next to a collage of details from abstract paintings

    Sukeshi Sondhi

    Sukeshi Sondhi explores ways to render her perspective of space and form through geometric abstraction. The geometric shapes form an uncluttered and calm space in these tumultuous times.
  • A smiling white woman with blonde hair next to a collage of detailed images of her paintings

    Laura Stewart

    Laura Stewart explores the relationships between place, land, and nature of Pennsylvania and the personal connections she has formed there through images, paintings, and poetry.
  • Smiling white man with short hair and a goatee poses next to a collage of detailed images of his artwork

    Nathan Van Patter

    Nathan Van Patter makes paintings that recontextualize the everyday as jagged, half built, and fantastic. He uses wood chips, caulking, and plumber's glue to fuse comic book action with impressionist sensibility, building worlds that invite the viewer in.
  • A white man with short dark brown hair poses next to detailed images of artwork depicting scenes of Pittsburgh

    Paul Vladuchick

    Paul Vladuchick is an American photographer whose primary project is imaging the beautiful and dynamic city of Pittsburgh. Largely self-taught (thanks to the local public library and supportive parents), everything was learned through direct experimentation in either subjects and/or photographic techniques.

Past Exhibitions


  • Patricia Chiacu Apuzzo
  • Ashley A. Jones
  • Richard Kelly
  • Mikael Owunna
  • Susan Palmisano
  • Arindam Sen


  • Seth Clark
  • Ashley A. Jones
  • atiya jones
  • Richard Kelly
  • Susan Palmisano
  • Staycee Pearl


  • John M. Barbiaux
  • Claire Hardy
  • Lori Hepner
  • Ramon Riley
  • Mia Tarducci
  • William D. Wade


  • Ron Donoughe
  • Claire Hardy
  • Clayton Merrell
  • Kenneth Neely
  • Dave Rasel
  • Sara Beck Sweeney
  • Gerard Tonti 


  • Cory Bonnet
  • Robert Bowden
  • Meg Dooley
  • Leo Goode
  • David Wadsworth
  • Carolyn Wenning
  • Susanne Slavick


  • Hope Alcorn
  • Carolyn Carson
  • Daviea Davis
  • John Dorinsky
  • Fran Gialamas
  • Heather Hertel
  • Deborah Hosking
  • Richard McWherter
  • Garry Merola
  • Helen Naimark
  • Jane Ogren
  • Janice Parks of the Nia Quilt Guild