Turner Construction

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is thrilled to announce a new Art on the Walls exhibit at Turner Construction in Downtown Pittsburgh

Turner Construction Company is engrained in the western Pennsylvania region, with its first project dating back to 1908 with the contract for work on Forbes Field, the original home of the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the following decades, Turner built many of the prominent buildings throughout the Pittsburgh region, including the 64-story US Steel Tower which continues to hold the record for the tallest building in the city. Turner opened a full-service office in Pittsburgh in 1976 and has grown to a dedicated and talented staff of 100 who work on projects across western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Like the artwork that is displayed throughout its office, construction is an art all its own. While artists work in mediums such as clay or paint, Turner projects are built from an assortment of materials such as concrete, steel and drywall. Hand in hand, a variety of techniques are used throughout the construction process — carpentry or masonry to name a few — with specific trades for each method, similarly to how artists specialize on one approach to focus their work. The art of building is showcased with every project Turner completes.

Turner Pittsburgh is excited to enliven its new office in the US Steel Tower with artwork created by regional artists to convey the history and contemporary vibrancy of the Pittsburgh region.

All work is available for sale, unless noted otherwise, and artists receive 80% of each sale. Purchase a piece today by clicking on "purchase art" below.

Purchase ArtTurner Construction Brochure

You can view Turner Construction's Art on the Walls exhibition by appointment only in their offices located at 600 Grant Street in Downtown Pittsburgh. To schedule an appointment to view this exhibit, contact Patrick Fisher at pfisher@pittsburghartscouncil.org.

Current Exhibiting Artists

  • A white man with no hair, glasses, and a black hoodie is pictured next to detailed photographs of two sculptures

    Anders Anderson

    Anders Anderson's sculptures manipulate the elements of solid and void to create the energetic flow of visual energy.
  • White man with gray hair and gray goatee shown pictured next to colorful detailed artworks

    Dan Droz

    Dan Droz's work employs novel methods of folding, casting, and forming materials including metal and glass.
  • A white man with a goatee, black T-shirt, and dark hat is pictured next to details of colorful artwork

    Tim Engelhardt

    Tim Engelhardt's work is a landscape of colors and textures layered over each other to create an illusion of transparency.
  • A white woman with shoulder length brown hair and bangs, wearing a blue shirt, is pictured next to details of two paintings

    Claire Hardy

    Claire Hardy's paintings use smoky scenes of mills as a vehicle for more harmonious colors, with a mix of various glazes and textures.
  • A white woman with long brown hair, a gold necklace, and a green tanktop is pictured beside details of colorful artwork

    Lisa Marie Jakab

    Lisa Marie Jakab creates vibrant abstract landscapes through oil painting. Nature's rich visual stimuli and constant growth provide the foundation for each piece.
  • A white man with short brown hair and a blue shirt is pictured next to a sepia-toned photograph of barges in the river, with the skyline of Downtown Pittsburgh visible in the background

    Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly uses his camera to frame places for you to see.