An Update on Our Strategic Plan

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The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council supports the time, talent, and work of artists, culture bearers, art educators, art workers, and arts organizations — reinforcing an environment so that ambitions, imagination, innovation, and risk taking can thrive in the Greater Pittsburgh Region

About Us

  • Three dancers pose in front of an orange background

    Developing and Strengthening the Arts Ecosystem

    From networking opportunities and professional development initiatives to leadership collectives focused on creating more equitable avenues to support Black and disabled artists, the Arts Council provides a range of services and barrier-breaking programming that nurtures creativity and sustains artistic careers.

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    Framing and Guiding Cultural Investment and Action

    By combining in-depth research on the most crucial arts-related issues facing Southwestern Pennsylvania with advocacy-based government relations and community engagement, the Arts Council champions the economic, cultural, and social impacts of the region's arts and culture sector while driving changemakers to expand equitable access and increase state and national arts funding.

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    Grantmaking in the Arts

    As the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts' Local Arts Agency serving Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Arts Council provides a range of funding opportunities for artists and arts organizations in need of financial support in Allegheny, Beaver, Greene, and Washington counties.

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    Facilitating Community Connections

    The Arts Council bridges the gap between arts facilitators and arts patrons through relationship building and resource sharing, ensuring that arts and culture are incorporated into every aspect of the community we serve.

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Give to the Arts

Please consider supporting our work with a donation. Your gift goes directly towards helping us support Western Pennsylvania's diverse and vibrant arts and culture community.

The arts have an immeasurable impact on society. The Arts Council recognizes this and actively works to document and thoughtfully communicate these impacts to ensure our effective leaders support the valuable labor of artists and cultural workers.

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is an invaluable arts connection that convenes and embraces arts and artists in a celebration of collaboration and diversity.

The Arts Council plays a crucial role in the local arts and culture sector by making the efforts to champion underrepresented artists and fostering community engagement within the arts.

The financial support I received from the CEA grant offered by the Arts Council played a pivotal role in my artistic journey. The grant not only alleviated financial pressures but also opened doors for me to showcase my work on a national stage.

A very important part of being an artist is inclusion with the greater arts community. Arts Council events have given me the chance to meet and work with many other artists. It's engaged me as a member of a community that supports and uplifts each other.

As a full-time artist, I highly value the networks and opportunities the Arts Council provides. From receiving grants to being on grant panels, the Arts Council has strengthened my connections to Pittsburgh's arts communities to advance my art career.

From mounting my first exhibition in Pittsburgh to crucial funding support, legal advice, and connections, the Arts Council’s support has been a game changer for my career, and they are a crucial resource for our region.

The Arts Council guided me in completing my first grant application, hosted a class on American Sign Language for the Arts, and graciously attended the opening for my sign language series of paintings, funded by their Allegheny Arts Revival Grant.

As a small arts space, having the Arts Council amplify our offerings by visiting, reposting, and blogging has been huge for us. The new visitors and connections are invaluable. The whole team is helping lift up local art and artists.

Hear from our Members

Smiling bald Black man with a closely-shaved dark beard, silver stud earrings, and a dark blue turtleneck

Joseph Hall

Executive Director, Kelly Strayhorn Theater

A white woman with short hair, a black long-sleeved shirt, and black pants smiles while sitting in a wheelchair

Tess Dally

Physically Integrated Dancer, member of the Arts Council's Disabled Artists Creative Cohort

Smiling Black woman with long dark hair wearing gold glasses, nose ring, hoop earrings, and a bright orange sweater

Ashanté Josey

Visual Artist

Smiling Asian woman with shoulder-length straight black hair wearing black glasses, and a green t-shirt under a purple, red, and gray long-sleeved shirt. She's posing next to a very big dog who's staring at the camera

Rona Chang

Founder and CEO, Otto Finn

A smiling white man with short gray hair wearing a black Bike Pittsburgh T-shirt

Dan O'Donnell aka Faj

Visual Artist

A smiling person with shoulder-length curly hair wearing a black baseball cap with a cartoon image of a dog smoking weed, black glasses, a blue t-shirt, and dark pants

Max Gonzales

Muralist, Arts Educator

A smiling Black man with short dark hair, a closely shaved beard, and a black-and-white patterned shirt

Mikael Owunna

Multimedia artist and the Cofounder and Executive Director of Rainbow Serpent

Smiling white woman with long straight grayish blonde hair, wearing a necklace with a black rope and silver pendant and a black shirt

Kathy Mazur

Visual Artist

The exterior of a red brick building with artwork of ketchup bottles painted around the marquee and "Ketchup City Creative" written above the front door

Nanci Goldberg

Owner, Ketchup City Creative