Your donation directly supports programming developed for the Black arts community by our Black Arts Action Committee.

As a white-led organization that has been historically seen as a resource for white art, we have needed the direct and clear communication from the distinguished members of our Black Arts Action Committee. This paid council of Black leaders, arts professionals, and artists guides our intention to advance the careers of Black artists and arts organizations in the region.  

We need your help to make programming ideas a reality. 

Your donation will go directly toward costs to support the committee’s program ideas in the future, including: 

  • Grants and other resources to support basic needs 
  • Mental health for Black artists 
  • Access to business and legal advice for Black artists 
  • Community space for Black artists 

In memoriam: The Arts Council and Committee members join the entire arts community in remembering the life, art, and legacy of Natiq Jalil, a founding member of the Black Arts Action Committee who passed unexpectedly in late November. Natiq’s vision for Black artists in Pittsburgh will continue through the work of the Committee. We encourage you to support his family and continue his legacy by donating to a GoFundMe in his honor. 

Join us in supporting the Black arts community in Pittsburgh by donating below. 

For more information on giving to the Arts Council, please email Mia Hooper, director of development and grantmaking or call 412-391-2060 ext. 222.