Lisa Marie Jakab

Lisa Marie Jakab

Artist Statement: 
I create vibrant abstract landscapes through oil painting. Nature's rich visual stimuli and constant growth provide the foundation for each piece. I photograph nature to guide my color and composition.

My process is part of the subject matter. I experiment with the natural tendencies of paint: blending, dripping, and scraping the medium on my surfaces. I embrace spontaneity, spurring controlled brush marks. To provide visual exclamation points, I mix intensely saturated colors with natural earth tones. Scale shifts from macroscopic to microscopic, and sometimes I portray both simultaneously. My work ranges from several inches in height to wall size.

Strolling through a botanical garden or hiking along a trail, I can't help but marvel with delight at the millions of tiny details surrounding me. It's a climactic accumulation of sensory information.

I strive to distill the excitement I get from nature into one slow image, so it can be digested easier. I compose each image from blended fragments of stimuli into a suggested landscape – a euphoric delight deserving of the spotlight I give it.

A white woman with long brown hair, a gold necklace, and a green tanktop is pictured beside details of colorful artwork