A digital art exhibition by Anisha Baid at 820 Gallery in Downtown Pittsburgh // Photo by Lisa Cunningham

Arts Inclusivity Workshops and Lending Library

The Arts Council offers learning opportunities and equipment that support arts organizations in advancing their understanding and implementation of accessible, diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices.

Art is for everyone, but not all systems, structures, and approaches have historically supported or reinforced inclusivity. Pittsburgh’s arts sector has a responsibility to create a welcoming environment that supports both a diverse workforce and fosters relationships with the entire community. How organizations approach this work in the present moment will largely determine their future relevance and their ability to thrive.

The Arts Council facilitates an array of learning opportunities as part of our commitment to arts inclusivity. Staff at the Arts Council are also available for individual meetings, through which we provide informed suggestions around specific accessibility accommodations for arts organizations. The Arts Council also loans out Audio Description/Assistive Listening/Simultaneous Translation Equipment through our Lending Library. These resources are made available to organizations at no cost, thanks to our local partners and funding from the Allegheny Regional Asset District.

Shared Accessibility Equipment

More Accessibility Resources