Disabled Artists Creative Cohort

The Disabled Artists Creative Cohort is a new leadership network of paid, disability-led artists, makers, and doers. This cohort is currently in development and recruiting community leaders interested in making an impact.

A new network managed by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, the Disabled Artists Creative Cohort is the first of its kind for the Pittsburgh arts community. The paid cohort puts the intersection of disability and the arts at the forefront. Our cohort will consist of disabled artists, makers, and doers, leading with their expertise and lived experiences in the creation of access-centered programming to support and empower disabled artists of all disciplines in Pittsburgh.    

The Disabled Artists Creative Cohort will also advise the Arts Council in authentically advocating for disability justice and intersectionality in arts organizations throughout the region. Further cohort details and logistics will be developed in transparency with the cohort members. Contact us below if you’d like to learn more about getting involved! 

Would you like to join the Disabled Artists Creative Cohort? Please email Allison Popieski, senior manager of programs, to learn more. 

Our Goals

  • Recruit community members to lead and participate in the cohort
  • Establish a fully working cohort by August 2023
  • Explore community needs and disability-led and access-centered programming goals and opportunities by December 2023