Art on the Walls

With more than $65,000 in art sales, the Art on the Walls exhibition program brings the work of our artist members to unconventional spaces throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region.

Art on the Walls is a different kind of exhibition program.

For many emerging and mid-career visual artists, it’s difficult to break into gallery spaces. Not to mention the high gallery fees charged if a piece is sold. Art on the Walls was created to break down those barriers. Art on the Walls provides an opportunity for artists to display their work, connects businesses to the arts, and provides exposure and income for artists.

All Art on the Walls exhibition work is available to purchase. Art is exhibited in corporate, business, and other spaces encouraging visitors, patrons, employees, and the business owners to purchase artwork for their collections.

Display Your ArtTurn Your Space into an Exhibition


  • An office space with slate blue walls, with various abstract and lifelike artworks. One piece is large, with blue and gold strokes. There are two others, stylized gold portraits of Black women.

    Allegheny Conference on Community Development

    As one of our longest standing clients, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development transformed its work and meeting environment with the works of more than 30 regional artists since 2013.

    All work in the exhibit is available for sale, unless noted otherwise, and artists receive 80% of each sale. Purchase a piece today by clicking on "purchase art" below.

  • A collage that includes details of six separate art pieces

    Dormont Municipal Center

    The Borough of Dormont and Dormont Arts believe in the power of art to uplift the spirit, inspire creative and logical thought, and to transform common space into places of joy, reflection, and serenity. We have transformed the lobby of the Borough of Dormont Municipal Center into a showcase of beautiful art, supporting our vision of creating a welcoming and inspiring space, and giving artists opportunities to display their work with visitors from around the region. 

  • A large downtown lobby with stone walls and a reflective white and black floor. Tall white columns display artwork, including paintings, photography, and a sculpture in the middle.

    Eleven Stanwix

    Owned by Chicago-based Real Estate Management company M & J Wilkow, LTD, the exhibition at Eleven Stanwix features two exhibitions annually, highlighting new local artists within each exhibition. Each presentation is displayed for approximately six months on kiosks and pedestals within the lobby, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

  • An abstract, slightly cubist painting of a construction worker looking over scenes from the city of Pittsburgh.

    Mayor's Office Pittsburgh

    The importance and legacy of the arts in Pittsburgh is an undeniable truth. From 2014 to 2022, city citizens to world leaders visited the mayors’ offices and saw our region's strong diversity shared through the local artist's art on the walls of the highest public office. The proud exhibition team of GPAC and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh continued to provide the art choices and exhibits on display.

    The exhibition depicted the people, places, and feelings that make Pittsburgh special, interpreting Pittsburgh's past 200 years through diverse artistic lenses.

  • Art on the Walls


     As the city's official tourism promotion agency, VisitPITTSBURGH values the dynamic influence the arts and culture scene has on Pittsburgh as a destination. In the words of VisitPITTSBURGH: We chose art that tells the Pittsburgh story, and take pride in the opportunity to share this with our staff, visitors, and clients. The VisitPITTSBURGH Art on the Walls collection is currently on hiatus, but you can still view the most recently featured artists, and their work, below.