Tim Engelhardt

Tim Engelhardt

Artist Statement:
My work is a landscape of colors and textures layered over each other to create an illusion of transparency. When I look out a window and see what is in front of me and then look deeper at the translucent reflections of what is behind me as well as bits and pieces of myself, I think of the different dimensions that we live and create in. I see it as a metaphor for past, present, and future played out in a singular moment. Add music and with profound immediacy, mood is elevated.

My paintings are created to a soundtrack of Jazz and the influence of the abstract expressionists of 1950s New York. I approach each painting fearlessly applying paint, ink, paper, etc. to the canvas until I find what I am looking for. The results are paintings full of movement, energy, and depth.

A white man with a goatee, black T-shirt, and dark hat is pictured next to details of colorful artwork