Natiq Jalil

Natiq Jalil smiling directly at the camera, wearing a gray hoody and black baseball hat.

Natiq Jalil is an emerging artist who specializes in watercolor, acrylics, and oils. He is a self-taught artist and believes true art begins during those moments between being asleep and being awake. Natiq's work is prized by many private collectors and can be seen in many homes and businesses on the East Coast and throughout the Midwest in the US, and around the world. He has experienced success in both gallery settings and underground venues, such as RAW, MergeArts NYC, and Touchfaster. He has exhibited work at Luz Gallery in Denver, CO, the GPAC Building, Garfield Artworks, Most Wanted Fine Arts, the Shadow Lounge, the August Wilson Center, and the University Art Gallery at The Frick Fine Arts Building in Pittsburgh, PA, The Cutting Room and M 1-5 in New York City and many more. He has sold art to collectors in the US, Italy, South Korea, Sweden, and more. He has also been a featured artist on The Travel Channel. Natiq is currently creating new collections addressing relevant issues through Afrofuturism such as cultural appropriation, systemic racism, gender roles, and the beauty of people of color.