Jacquelin Walker

Jacquelin Walker looks into the camera, wearing a black and white patterned sweater.

Jacquelin Walker is a lawyer, producer, yoga instructor and advocate for equity in the arts and entertainment sectors. Her mission is to provide tools to increase agency for those marginalized by America's arts and cultural institutions. Walker uses her legal, creative and yoga practices to explore the possibilities of centering the care, concerns and visions of artists. Walker provides commercial services and transactional support to for-profit and nonprofit entities and individuals in the Arts and Entertainment sector. Rooted in an access to justice philosophy, Walker's practice leverages her experience working in corporate America for the 80% of Americans who struggle to access the legal counsel that larger entities rely upon to thrive. Walker founded the Pittsburgh Movement Law Pros Network to expand upon this philosophy in collaboration with like-minded legal professionals. In addition to Walker's law practice, she is a yoga instructor and produces arts experiences through Fete-Fete Ltd. Walker leads yoga classes online. Her practice is rooted in individual and collective healing through justice, play and joy to reveal the fulfilling lives we all deserve.