Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council to Participate in National ‘Arts & Economic Prosperity 6’ Study for 4th Year

Pittsburgh - June 15, 2022 -- The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is pleased to announce its participation and local leadership in Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (AEP6), the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry. Administered by Americans for the Arts, AEP6 will examine the economic impact of the arts and culture in Allegheny County, in addition to 386 other communities nationwide. 

The Arts Council has participated in the Arts & Economic Prosperity® series, conducted approximately every five years, since 2005. The yearlong project will result in a report of national and local findings, which the Arts Council will make public in fall of 2023. 

Audience Intercept Surveys will be collected this summer through April 2023. 

Arts attendees might notice Arts Council staff and volunteers at local events through April 2023. Audience-intercept surveys will be collected from attendees at arts events in Allegheny County from May 2022 through April 2023. For the first time, AEP6 is requiring its research partners to collect a portion of audience surveys from attendees at events hosted by arts and culture organizations that primarily serve communities of color. 

You may hear from us about obtaining permission to survey your audience at one of your events. 

Arts organizations will also be surveyed by AFTA this fall. 

In addition to audience surveys, AEP6 also surveys arts organizations to learn more about the unique economic impacts for our region, such as the number of jobs that are supported and the amount of government revenue that is generated by our community’s nonprofit arts industry. 

The survey of nonprofit arts and culture organizations will occur from January through April 2023.  

AEP6 tells the local and national stories of the arts economy. Gauging the economic and community impacts of Allegheny County arts organizations provides essential documentation for future advocacy efforts locally and statewide. 

The AEP series demonstrates that an investment in the arts provides both cultural and economic benefits. In 2017, AEP5 documented that the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.3 billion in economic activity, which supported 4.6 million jobs and generated $27.5 billion in government revenue. In Allegheny County alone, AEP5 demonstrated that arts and culture generate $1.06 billion in economic activity, supporting over 30,000 full time equivalent jobs, $640.5 million in household income, and $115.1 million in tax revenue. 

For more information and a full list of the communities participating in the AEP6 study, visit To learn more about the Arts Council’s past research projects, visit If you’d like to learn more about the Arts Council’s role in this project or how to get involved, contact Manager of Research and Special Projects Morgan Kasprowicz at