Investment Policies and Practices for Nonprofits

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Wednesday, May 3, 202312 - 1PM

Zoom Video Conference

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Even small nonprofits can generate excess cash. This excess cash may need to be invested for the short term until it can be used for a capital improvement or can be the start of a longer term endowment fund.

Experts from the financial advisory firm Fort Pitt Capital, Skylar Riddle CFP, and Brian Jankowski CFA will provide suggestions on creating an investment policy and executing an investment plan.

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Skylar H. Riddle, CFP

Skylar H. Riddle, CFP
Financial Advisor Skylar began investing at the age of nine after his grandfather gifted him a few shares of stock. After school, he joined the same firm that helped him learn about investing, so that he could pass on that knowledge. Over 10 years later in the business, Skylar is just as passionate about the financial markets, economy, and helping people than ever before. He earned his CFP® designation in 2020.

Brian J. Jankowski, CFA

 Brian J. Jankowski, CFA
Senior Investment Analyst & Trader Brian has dedicated years to passing all three levels of the CFA® exams, demonstrating Brian’s commitment to being an ethically accountable investment expert with mastery of investment analysis and portfolio management skills. His primary responsibilities involve investment and economic analysis and research, placing investment trades, and rebalancing accounts to target per investment policies.