Disabled Artists Creative Cohort Information Session 2

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Monday, February 13, 20233 - 5PM

Zoom Video Conference


This is the second Information Session about the Disabled Artists Creative Cohort that will be focused on the cohort application process, along with the cohort selection process. This session is an open format where participants are welcome, and encouraged, to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences to assist in the collaborative development of the Disabled Artists Creative Cohort. This session will start with a general share-out about the goals of the cohort, move into a brief overview of the first information session, and then finish with open discussion and feedback on the cohort application and selection process. The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council's Senior Manager of Programs, Allison Popieski, will be leading the session.

The plan is for this to be a paid, disability-led cohort of artists, makers, and doers leading with their expertise and lived-experiences in the creation of access-centered programming to support and empower disabled artists in Pittsburgh of all disciplines. The Disabled Artists Creative Cohort will also advise the Arts Council in authentically advocating for disability justice and intersectionality in arts organizations throughout the region.  

Further cohort details and logistics will be developed in transparency with the cohort members.  

Please join this information session if you, or someone you know, are interested in being part of this cohort, and/or to share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback about the disability community in Pittsburgh. 

Allison Popieski, Senior Manager of Programs

Senior Manager of Programs

Allison Popieski

An image of Allison Popieski, a caucasian woman with brown hair, brown eyes, and a big smile. She wears a teal shirt.
Senior Manager of Programs

Allison (she/her) graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Theatre Arts and minors in Dance and Communications.

Disabled Artists Creative Cohort Information Session 2