A salute to Pittsburgh’s creative community on National Nonprofit Day

Central to the operations of every nonprofit organization is the responsibility to deliver public or social benefit. Within Allegheny County’s cultural and creative sector, there are over 550 nonprofit organizations that leverage the arts and humanities to positively impact the residents and tourists of Pittsburgh by directly contributing to personal, community, and economic development.

A group of performers wearing all black clothing hold hands and bow in front of an audience
"People of Pittsburgh II: The Constellationist," a recent performance by Pittsburgh-area nonprofit RealTime Arts at Attack Theatre Studios // Photo by Patrick Fisher

While size and budgets may vary, one thing is certain: Their work wouldn't be possible and their impact wouldn't be felt if it wasn't for their staff, boards, volunteers, and patrons.

How can you show your appreciation for Pittsburgh’s arts and culture sector?

Three people viewing colorful artwork
A scene from the opening reception of "Transcendental Arrangements," the 109th annual exhibition of local nonprofit the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh // Photo by Patrick Fisher
  • Attend a performance, concert, or exhibit. Many organizations are still struggling to bring their audiences back to pre-pandemic levels and could use your support.
  • Engage in their social media content. Like, share, and comment on posts that resonate with you to help bring awareness to a greater audience.
  • Write a testimonial. If you’ve benefited from the services of a local arts and culture nonprofit, let them know! All organizations profit from receiving personal testimonials, which they can then use on their websites to attract new patrons or in grant applications to help them secure additional funding.
  • If you have the financial means, consider a donation. Better yet, set up a recurring donation to help support the ongoing work of your favorite local nonprofits.
  • Donate your time. Volunteering for an arts and culture nonprofit isn’t just helping an organization and cause you care about, it can also provide you with valuable first-hand experience. Bonus: It can also sometimes come with perks, like seeing arts and culture performances for free.

On behalf of the team at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, on National Nonprofit Day, we extend our sincere gratitude to the nonprofit organizations in Pittsburgh that work to produce, promote, present, and preserve the arts and humanities for the enrichment of current and future generations.