Sasha Ifeoma Igwe

I create art pieces that are derived from both my experiences and those shared with me. As I tend to feel things very deeply and introspectively, my art embraces the idea of existentialism, spirituality, and self-reflection, allowing me to openly express visually what I may struggle to communicate through speech. When I am creating, I probe into the depths of human emotion, often centered around the desire for freedom, often with youthful and colorful illustrations. I also explore many of my curiosities, which at one point I may have stifled to try and fit into the world around me. My creations are me, letting my inquisitive nature out of its cage.

At a young age, I developed a strong interest in drawing/illustration, often attempting to illustrate characters from my favorite novel series. While my love of art continued through my academic years, I placed my passions on the back burner in order to attend graduate school. After graduating with a doctoral degree in physical therapy, my love for art soon reignited, and I returned to my artistic passions, and now pursuing a full-time artistic career.

Though the pieces in this exhibition primarily use traditional media, I delve into different ideas using a combination of traditional and digital media. Most often, I start out by sketching an idea with pencil, but I have explored media such as acrylic, ink and watercolor, marker art, and digital illustration/editing to bring my ideas to fruition. I love to create pieces that encourage people to investigate their own curiosities while creating a sense of tranquility.