Anton hands out ice cream during a Restart the Arts event, 2021
Anton hands out ice cream during a Restart the Arts event, 2021

Explore your passion for the arts by giving back to independent artists and art organizations through volunteering.

The skills you use in your day job are highly sought after and could make a world of difference for our local arts community. From business needs such as finance, marketing and HR to legal assistance including contracts and non-profit designations, business professionals and lawyers are always needed in the arts community.

Current Opportunities

  • Business volunteer
  • Legal volunteer

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Business Volunteer Attorney Interest Sign up!Volunteer Legal Attorney Interest Sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a business or legal volunteer?

Fill out the Volunteer Application. Once your application is reviewed, you will be asked to schedule a brief interview, so that we can better understand what projects would be a good fit for you!

Twice a year, the Arts Council offers an information session where volunteers will get an overview of the Business and Legal Assistance Programs and a chance to ask questions.

What are the expectations of business or legal volunteers?

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is looking for bright, committed legal professionals who have a passion for arts and culture and a desire to work pro bono for area nonprofits. Projects range from a single consultation to several months. Attorneys must be licensed to practice in Pennsylvania. Attorneys are expected to provide assistance to at least one client each calendar year.

How does the process work?

We match an artist or an arts organization to the appropriate volunteer through the following steps:

  1. The client submits an application to the Arts Council.
  2. Our staff screens the application for eligibility.
  3. Our staff sends a monthly email to volunteers with an anonymous description of all open requests.
  4. A volunteer may express interest in a specific request and will then be sent the client application to begin his/her normal pro bono process.
  5. The volunteer contacts the client directly to begin the work, or contacts Arts Council staff to decline the request. At the end of the relationship, the attorney is responsible to report to the Arts Council the total hours volunteered.

Is there malpractice insurance coverage for legal matters?

Yes, the Allegheny County Bar Association provides malpractice insurance for legal matters if the client is located in Allegheny County. We will identify any client that is not located in Allegheny County and therefore not covered by the Bar Association’s malpractice insurance.

There is no insurance coverage for business projects.

Are there other ways for volunteers to get involved?

Yes. We regularly organize workshops and webinars to educate clients and volunteers and utilize our business and legal volunteers to staff these events. Additionally, we’re always communicating with local artists and art groups. If you have an article or other relevant information you’d like us to share with the art community, send it our way. Finally, we also let our volunteers know of any openings on the boards of local nonprofits. Serving on the board of a nonprofit arts organization is another great way to get involved and make a difference.