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Artist Talk is an art and performance event series centered around mental health. Artists from all mediums, like visual artists, photographers, musicians, and more, come together to bring mental health conversation to the forefront by sharing stories behind some of their most personal work. Self-care activations and talks led by nonprofit partners get the audience involved and connected to tools and resources to heal, cope, care for, and elevate their mental health. Whether you create art or appreciate art, one thing is for certain – you are art. Artist Talk was founded and created by Sydney Davis, who further expanded upon the mission of Artist Talk into a series called Therapeutic Spaces. Therapeutic Spaces is a mental health initiative that provides creatively engaging events and resources for Black and Brown artists experiencing mental health challenges exacerbated by the pandemic. The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is supporting this initiative as the fiscal sponsor for Artist Talk - Therapeutic Spaces.

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Who is Sydney Davis? Sydney Davis (she/her) is the founder and creative director of Artist Talk Pittsburgh, which first came to life in November 2021. Artist Talk provides a space for creatives, specifically Black and Brown creators, to showcase their artistry and discuss the unique mental health challenges they face, in a supportive, uplighting environment.

After embarking on her own therapy journey, Sydney realized the immense need for therapeutic resources, especially for people of color, and made it her life's purpose to develop empowering art and mental health events for people in her community. Now, Artist Talk is continuing to grow throughout Pittsburgh and beyond, where artists of all mediums are able to come together to bring mental health conversation to the forefront by sharing stories behind some of their most personal work.

Sydney is also the founder of Niplids, a line of nipple-printed hats, 20% of the proceeds from which benefit The Young Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. The project started as a way for Sydney to support her godmother, who lost her hair during chemotherapy for breast cancer. As an East Liberty native, Sydney is a strong advocate for community connections and partnerships. She has experience as a teaching artist, mentor, speaker, and arts manager. She has also held roles, such as Sales Advisor and Customer Service Representative, at multiple Pittsburgh banks. Sydney is no stranger to hard work, specifically intentional work with impact.

"I want artists to realize what's possible for them. I know what having support can give you, and I'm confident I can recreate a safe space that others don't have." - Sydney Davis

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