Jazz n’ Theatre n’ Dance n’ Stand-up n’ Galleries n’... well, N’art 

Arts Council campaign helps yinz find all things art in the ‘Burgh

PITTSBURGH – Aug. 10, 2022 – Talk to anyone from the Burgh and yinz’ll see we love our city, especially the arts. From the Black ‘n Gold, to the skyline, to our growing food scene, Pittsburgh is proud and we’ll tell yinz all about it. At the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, our job is to let everyone (and their neighbor) know about our world-class arts community.

To get the word out, the Arts Council is launching a new campaign to promote the volume and diversity of Pittsburgh’s arts and culture community. The ‘Burgh really does have it all. Museums n’ live music n’ opera n’ dance n’at... well, N’art.

Highlighting the uniqueness of Pittsburgh’s arts community and the voices of the people that bring it to life, the N’art campaign features paid media for more than 50 arts organizations throughout the summer and fall months. Support comes through radio, online, and social advertising, as well as events and influencer partnerships. All advertisements are provided to the organizations at no cost.

“The pandemic has disproportionately affected the arts industry nationwide and  Pittsburgh’s artistic community is in need of a spotlight,” said Mitch Swain, CEO of the Arts Council. “Luckily, when Pittsburghers are challenged we come together as a community and roll up our sleeves to face issues head on. This campaign is a fun, uniquely Pittsburgh way to spotlight the venues, performers and people who make our world-class arts community shine, and we hope Pittsburghers are willing to explore with us.”

In addition to key media support for venues and events, the Arts Council is also unveiling Pittsburgh’s Neighborhood Arts Maps. Four different local maps highlight more than 145 Pittsburgh-area venues and arts organizations, from Dahntahn (Downtown) to S’Liberty (East End) to Sah Side (South) and the North Side (North), for you to explore and learn more about what’s in your neighborhood.

The Arts Council will be aht and abaht at community and arts events throughout the city in August and September, where anyone can pick up an art map or a free N’art sticker to show their pride in the Burgh’s arts community. If yinz place that sticker on the side of your buggy, water bottle or bumper, you might just win big. Members of the Arts Council will be out all fall spotting those stickers and awarding lucky Pittsburghers with free tickets and passes to local arts events.

“Pittsburghers are already proud of their city and we want to provide a way to show that same pride in our arts community,” said Kristen Wishon, Sr. Director of External Affairs of the Arts Council. “Our hope is to see folks using the arts maps to add an arts adventure to their weekend or date night.”

Support for this campaign comes from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, FedEx Ground and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

Find maps ‘n venues ‘n openings ‘n shows ‘n exhibits ‘n all things N’art at