Ask HR Advisors: What Comes After the “Great Resignation?" Recruiting and Retaining Your Employees

Ask the HR Advisors: "What comes After the Great Resignation?"

Tuesday, October 11, 202212 - 1PM

Zoom Video Conference


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a monumental change in the nature of the workforce and employees are leaving their jobs at record rates. What’s become known as “the Great Resignation”, arts and cultural organizations are being especially affected by the need to retain employees and fill job vacancies in an incredibly competitive market. How do we move forward in this landscape? 

Join Kelly Radomski and Amy Ogunyemi from Compass Business Solutions, our experts for the HR Advisors helpline, to discuss what may be driving “Great Resignation” and how to create an inclusive, candidate-centered experience. We'll also discuss ways in which the right work environment can set individuals up for success in an organization where they can see themselves belonging. 

What you’ll learn: 

  • Factors that have led to the “Great Resignation” 
  • How to use the opportunity of a vacancy to create a more inclusive workforce 
  • How expectations of employees have changed 
  • Strategies that focus on retaining your current employees 

Ask your questions in advance to have them answered live during the workshop. Submit your questions via email by October 7, 2022, at 3 p.m. to

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