American Sign Language for the Arts

American Sign Language

Monday, March 13, 20236 - 8PM

Additional Dates: March 20th, March 27th & April 3rd Location: 810 Penn Ave, Suite 710 Pittsburgh PA 15220

Members $90non-Members $125

Grow your skills in communicating successfully with all of your visitors and customers by joining us for an in-person introduction American Sign Language (ASL) course, taught by Megan Wetzel­­­­­­­. This four-session course is tailored specifically for arts professionals. Each two-hour session includes live interactive classes teaching ASL basics like the alphabet and numbers, phrases, and general etiquette. The course will also cover customer service information and arts-specific vocabulary. 

Megan Wetzel

White female with long brown hair smiling and wearing a black suit while standing outside in front of a few buildings

Megan is profoundly Deaf and has been signing her entire life. She completed a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a Master of Art in Higher Education and Student Affairs. Megan is also a Certified Deaf Interpreter. She enjoys teaching others to be creative with their communication methods, to think outside the box, and to break barriers between Deaf and hearing individuals. Megan is very excited to teach this class so Pittsburghers can learn how to be more welcoming and inclusive of the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing community.

American Sign Language for the Arts