Stage 62 brings “hilarious” musical to Carnegie

Stage 62, a nonprofit theater company with a mission to unite the community in the joy of producing quality theater for all ages, is showing Something Rotten from July 20 through July 30. Actor Brian Ferris says he’s excited to perform his first production with the organization.

“I'm eager to share what we've been cooking up with an audience. The show itself is cleverly written and strikes a great balance between cracking up the audience while still being grounded on a compelling story,” Ferris says. “Our production whisks together a hilarious cast, delectable script, and sheer delight for a night out that is sure to satisfy your theater-going appetite."

Over 30 actors dressed in period garb pose on a theater stage
The ensemble cast of Stage 62's 'Something Rotten' // Photo courtesy of Hawk Photography and Multimedia LLC

Something Rotten is about two brothers who are trying to find success by writing plays while being stuck in the shadow of William Shakespeare. When a fortune teller tells them the future of theater involves dancing, acting, and singing at the same time, the brothers set out to write the world’s first musical. 

Ferris explains his character, Nick Bottom, as a “playwright who is struggling to compete with the popularity of William Shakespeare while trying to make ends meet for his wife and family.”

Nick Bottom’s wife, Bea Bottom, is played by Stage 62’s board president Anna Gergerich, who describes her character as “a woman living in Renaissance England with a lot of modern and feminist dreams about her place in the world.” She’s also described as loving, clever, funny, and fiercely supportive of her family.

Two actors dressed in period clothing sit on a wooden bench on theater stage
Anna Gergerich (Bea Bottom) and Sean Whitney (Nigel Bottom) in 'Something Rotten' // Photo courtesy of

Gergerich says she's thrilled to be playing Bea Bottom this coming week.

“The cast of Something Rotten is a beautiful blend of new and returning members to Stage 62, and it’s been an amazing process getting ready to share this hilarious story with the community,” Gingrich says.

Director Rob James says he loves working with Stage 62, which he’s been with since 1995.

“My favorite thing about working with Stage 62 is the fact that so many talented artists are walking around our communities as bankers and sales people and florists,” James says. “Then, you see them doing this thing that they love, performing, and you feel like you get a little glimpse into their soul. I really love that!

He says there was a lot of interest for this particular play.

“We had almost a hundred people audition for the cast of 32,” James says. “We had to choose people who could act, sing, dance, and be funny.”

Something Rotten will be performed at the Carlynton Junior-Senior High School from Thu., July 20 through Sun., July 30 on Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m. To purchase tickets or find more information, visit