Pittsburgh Black musicians you should be streaming

We’re celebrating Pittsburgh’s fantastic Black musicians! 

At our last monthly artist networking event, The Creative Hive, we invited everyone who shared space with us at Museum Lab to share their favorite Pittsburgh Black musician! From one of “NPR Music’s Artists to Watch” to a DJ creating a “safe space for artists to build communities,” check out our list of 13 Black musicians making (sound) waves in Pittsburgh. 

While you read, stream The Creative Hive: Museum Lab Playlist, which includes many of the artists listed below.

Album cover for INEZ


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INEZ is a self-proclaimed “Pittsburgh renaissance woman.” She is a singer, music producer, arranger, songwriter, drummer, and audio engineer. In 2019, INEZ released her debut album “Voicemails and Conversations.” Since then, INEZ was named 2020’s “Pittsburgh Music Artist of the Year” by WYEP 91.3 FM and has been featured on NPR Weekend Edition, Bandcamp Daily Essentials, and Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Council.

Album cover for Bird


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Bird is a Pittsburgh native based in the West Mifflin area whose music and entrepreneurship is aimed at spreading love and building up the Pittsburgh community. In an interview on the Pittsburgh Chatter, Bird said her music is motivated by her family and local community. Recently, Bird recently released her newest single “Rain Rain Go Away.”

Album cover for Xander Wayne

Xander Wayne

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Xander Wayne is an alternative-styled hip-hop and backpack-influenced mood musician. On his SoundCloud, where Wayne posts most of his music, he says, “Music is therapeutic and can heal a suffering soul mentally, physically, and emotionally. Music has helped me through emotional times in my life, where I was on the verge of breaking apart.” Most recently, Xander Wayne released the music video for his song “Talking To Love (feat' NinoBaby & Zill Deore).”

Album cover for J Haze


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J-Haze is a Pittsburgh and Los Angeles-based musical artist. In an interview with West Coast Styles, J-Haze stressed the importance of Pittsburgh’s unique hip-hop sound on his own music. Recently, J-Haze released his newest song "Oolong."

Album cover for Wade Anthony

Wade Anthony

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Wade Anthony is a DC, LA, and Pittsburgh-based DJ. He is the founder of Sad Bear Gvng, which, according to their website, is “a safe space for artists/musicians to create and showcase their talents amongst peers to organically grow stronger communities.” He is also the founder of the fashion brand @needretailtherapy and the co-founder of the Summa Lumma Music Festival.

Album cover for Dejah Monea

Dejah Monea

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Dejah Monea is a Pittsburgh-based singer. Recently, Dejah Monea was recognized as WYEP’s Pittsburgh Artist of the Week. In an interview with WYEP, she said, “I would describe my sound as ethereal and warm with raw lyrics. There are influences from jazz, gospel, and R&B (of course).” Dejah Monea’s first EP will be released soon.

Album cover for Treble NLS

Treble NLS

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Treble NLS is a multi-hyphenate artist based in Pittsburgh. Treble NLS is best known for "Don't Clip Our Tails," a documentary poetry reflection on racial justice which earned Treble NLS an Emmy award. Treble NLS also records music and currently is a Lead Teaching Artist at 1Hood Media Academy.

Album cover for NLS Ron


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NLS Ron is a multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh. NLS Ron records music and frequently collaborates with other Pittsburgh R&B artists. NLS Ron recently released the song "Uno." NLS Ron is also an accomplished local barber, working under the name Never Lose Styles.

Album cover for SHUAA


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SHUAA, the stage name of Joshua Rouse, is a Pittsburgh-based musical artist. SHUAA is a singer and producer who frequently collaborates with other local artists. In December, SHUAA released a new single entitled “Back Home” in collaboration with For the Record Studio.

Album cover for DJ Muziklove


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Nate “MuzikLove” Rouse is a musical artist and the CEO of Muzical Storm Entertainment. According to Muzical Storm Entertainment’s website, MuzikLove is more than a DJ, but also a “producer, a singer/songwriter, a background vocalist mainly tenor, a worship lead, and an audio/visual consultant.” Outside of his company, MuzikLove also works as a pastor.

Album cover for Clara Kent

Clara Kent

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Clara Kent is a self-described “multidimensional artistic individual” based in Pittsburgh. Aside from being the Program Specialist at the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, Clara Kent is a singer-songwriter, painter, live performance artist, curator, and the CEO of Bounce House Studios & Productions. Bounce House Studios & Productions is an Afro-Indigenous company that supports artists of color. Clara Kent is also the host of the radio show More Bounce on 91.3FM, where she celebrates Black artists and elevates local Pittsburgh artists. In May of 2023, Clara Kent released her EP “THE FOUR WINDS: EAST.”

Album cover for DJ Femi

DJ Femi

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DJ Femi is a Pittsburgh-based DJ. According to her website, DJ Femi and her work stands for “women in the entertainment industry as well as women worldwide. She is a beacon of light in the night life and a prime example that women can be great DJs too.” DJ Femi is also a co-founder of Sad Bear Gvng, a safe space for artists to build communities.

Album cover for Benji.


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Benji. is a musical artist based in Pittsburgh. He has been named one of “NPR Music’s Artists to Watch” and has amassed over 250,000 Spotify monthly listeners. Benji. recently released his EP “Love Gun” in October. Benji. is also a part of the musical group Spillage Village.

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