Victoria Bennett Beyer

"My idea of a good time is packing up the truck, hitting the road with my husband and daughter, and driving somewhere I have never been before. In the time between life’s road trips, I try to live in the present and to see the beauty in every day. To me, this focus is vivid and clear and full of glorious detail. I think in their aesthetic, my photographs reflect these values.

That said, I understand every photograph is of the past. Not every moment makes for a ‘good’ photo, but because their fleeting nature is always on my mind, I vigilantly look for them. I ache to think of these moments as gone, even before they have passed. I want to be able to save them.

I take these photos for myself, in a vain attempt to record these moments so I can savor them later. I share them because what I see around me is painfully beautiful. What else can I do but share? In sharing, somehow, the hopelessness of never being able to seal every sight, touch, and emotion away for later, dissipates. All I can save is stored in my photographs."


Below:  Broken in Body, Not in Spirit // 2017, Fine art photographic print

Bold rays of light shoot through the branches of a fallen tree, whose limbs reach up and to the right in triumph. The photograph's bright light is contrasted with brown and golden shadows.