Richard Kelly

As a photographer, I document spaces looking for light and shape to reveal the unique essence of something familiar. Humans make these spaces for things that humans do. My practice of making landscapes in urban settings grew from my walks with a camera. There is no better way to experience a place. My camera is both a passport to experience the world and an excuse to follow my curiosity.

I find that the places here can be as exhilarating as any other place in the world. I take pictures for myself, like gathering evidence that proves I am here, and this is what I see. My photographs are a fraction of a moment in my life, but they may never happen again. The weather, time of day, collisions of coincidence all interact in my frame. This visual evidence may be factual but is not always true. I want the viewer to see the photographic print of a familiar object with a unique point of view.

High rise point of view of a building reflected in another Downtown Pittsburgh building
High Rise Point of View, 1/8 by Richard Kelly