Polly Whitehorn

Polly Whitehorn
5 Questions with Art on the Walls artist Polly Whitehorn

Artist Statement: 
The intent of my practice is to capture the emotion of spring’s glorious rebirth, summer’s joyful bounty, or the melancholia associated with withering petals at autumn’s closure when the sun’s warmth and strength are diminished.

I identify and find inspiration from the early work of the Pictorialists. The soft and painterly aesthetic of my images are a deliberate creative art form with the intent to convey beauty.

My background as a fashion designer and textile artist drives me to create beautiful objects. My images have been exhibited nationwide in solo and group shows.  My lens-based art has been recognized for its merit receiving awards of excellence and has been acquired by private and corporate collectors.

A New York City native, I moved to Pittsburgh in 2012 and now divide my time between Southwestern PA and the Sonoran Desert.

A woman with gray hair pulled back by a scarf, wearing dark pants, and a sleeveless gray top, with dark sunglasses hanging around her neck with a chain. Two paintings are in a collage beside her: one of a tree, the other of red-and-yellow houses