Kimberly Joya

I create to conceptualize what I can’t quite put into words and turn it into flowers instead. My paintings are pours of my heart onto canvas and paper. Each floral illustration captures the essence of a special moment in time within my life. Using color to emphasize the emotions woven into that piece. A true form of creative self-expression. My art perfectly embraces every little imperfection made as the art develops together. Mistakes are welcome and are a part of the complexity behind each painting.

What started as a hobby in 2020 quickly turned into curiosity as I began sharing my art to the world. Eventually, I stepped foot towards this new path and found beauty in the vulnerability of exploring it alone. I use that experience to intuitively guide me into creating each individual painting. I love being able to use my vulnerability and turn it into something beautiful that adds value to many walls in many homes.

Below: In Bloom // 2022, Acrylic paint on canvas

An illustration of a bouquet of red, purple, and pink flowers, emanating from the center of a grey space.