Kate Lundy

My work is a balance of portraying the mental hardships I’ve faced and found peace in nature. Although portraits are a prominent subject of my work and how I express vulnerability, this body of work is primarily focused on the calming effects of nature as well as landscapes of my new home, Pittsburgh. Nature is my healer, my escape, my reminder that there’s beauty in life and more to life. It may seem counterintuitive, but I find nature to be most soothing during gloomy days when the weather isn’t “perfect,” sunny, and cheery, but rather at ease, peaceful, quiet, and content. In addition, I wanted to celebrate the city I chose to settle in by capturing my past, present, and hoped for future in Pittsburgh through cityscapes of places that have made an impact on my experience here.

Below: Schenley - The Red Scarf // 2022, Oil on canvas (painting), stained recycled wood (frame)

A painting in a recycled wood frame, depicting white-grey skies and paths in Schenley park, the path lined with twiggy trees and brown earth, with a figure wearing a red scarf.