John Hinderliter

John Hinderliter

Ever since John Hinderliter saw the Frazetta cover painting for Edgar Rice Burroughs' 1970 sci fi novel, "A Princess of Mars," he knew he wanted to be an illustrator.

Born in Atlantic City, NJ, and raised in Canton, PA, John moved to Pittsburgh in the mid-seventies to attend art school. John stayed in the Steel City after graduating with honors, earning a living as an illustrator and racking up awards for advertising and painting, eventually being inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement.

John's practice? To paint what he finds interesting and hopes that others find it interesting as well.

His wife of 20 years, Dee Dee, models for many of his oil paintings when she can’t think of an excuse quickly enough. She is his favorite subject to paint, and can be seen throughout this exhibit.

A collage of three images. On the left is a portrait of a smiling white man with gray hair and gray beard, wearing a bright blue collared shirt and a black suit jacket. On the right are two details of paintings, one shows a vintage automobile and the other a yellow star