Sarah Schreck

Sarah Schreck, a young white woman with brown hair smiles at the camera, with bright red lipstick and glasses.

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Sarah Schreck (she/her) has served the Arts Council since 2019 as an intern, part-time employee, and now as Manager of Marketing. In this role, she manages multiple responsibilities, including social media and advertising projects, and serving as the Pittsburgh Emerging Arts Leaders Liaison. She seeks to contribute to the well-being of the Pittsburgh community through the connective and healing power of artistic and interactive experiences. Sarah has practiced advertising and public relations for over seven years in both agency and art environments.

Her academic career took her from degrees in advertising and theatre at the University of Central Florida in sunny Orlando to the Master of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where she fell in love with the reality and the potential of this city. Her love of the arts is most concentrated on the work known as theatre for social change, where all arts disciplines may come together as tools for healing through storytelling.

Outside of work, you can typically find Sarah working on freelance design projects, watching feel-good cartoons, writing plays, and dancing to disco music in the gym. Learn more about Sarah on her website.