Grants FAQ

Are you interested in applying to a grant through the Arts Council?

Browse our list of the most commonly asked questions about our grant programs and application process. Don't see the answer you're looking for? You can contact us at to get your questions answered by our grants team.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the grant portal?

The grant portal can be accessed directly by visiting this link or via our website under Grants.

How do I create an account?

First-time users of the grant portal are required to create a new account. Please follow the instructions on the grant portal welcome page. You can also view an instructional video here on how to create an account created by the software company.

How do I know if someone in my organization has already created an account?

If you are unsure whether someone in your organization has already created an account, please reach out to our grantmaking team at prior to creating an account.

How do I apply for a grant?

Before you apply for a grant, please make sure you thoroughly review the guidelines for the grant program you are interested in. Once you have decided to apply, you can access our grant portal, select which grant program you are interested in, and complete the application steps. A detailed walk-through of how to access applications in the grant portal can be found here. This training video is provided by the grant software itself.

How will I be notified if I have been approved for a grant?

The Arts Council will contact all applicants via email to inform them of their approval status following the grant deadline. Each grant program involves a different review process, so please look at your submission verification email for details of when you should expect to hear back. 

I received a grant from the Arts Council. How should I acknowledge my grant when I talk about my project?

Congratulations! If you received a grant from the Arts Council, you'll receive instructions via email on what to do next, including a link to our Grantee Acknowledgment Guidelines. This document details how you should acknowledge the Arts Council as a funder of your project. 

PPA Programs: How are the PCA and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council connected?

The PA Council on the Arts (PCA) is a state government agency that is responsible for distributing allocated tax-payer dollars to arts and cultural organizations and individuals. To assist in the re-granting of state dollars the PCA partners with 13 arts organizations around the state through a program called PPA (Pennsylvania Partner in the Arts). The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council is one of the 14 regional partners. We administer three programs on behalf of the PCA: The Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator grant, PPA Program Stream, and Entry to Program Stream

PPA Programs: What are matching funds?

In order to apply for Program Stream and Entry to Program Stream, you must be able to show dollar-for-dollar matching funds. This means for every dollar you may receive from the grant, you would need to show another source(s) of funds to equal or exceed that same amount.  These funds can be either contributed support (ex: other grant funding) or earned income (ex: ticket sales).  However, in-kind goods and services are not allowed to be considered as matching funds.

PPA Programs: Can I receive support without a 501(c)3?

For the Entry to Program Stream and the Program Stream grant programs, applicants must either be a 501(c)3 OR they must apply using a fiscal sponsor. The Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator grant is only open to for-profit businesses. Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply.