Free Training: De-escalating Conflict & Potentially Violent Situations

Have you interacted with the front-of-house staff at an arts and culture facility recently? Give them a high-five or socially distanced fist bump next time you see them. With the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic, front-line staff are often the first to deal with the good and the bad of customer service issues and concerns related to the mitigation of COVID-19.  Whether they’re helping to enforce mask mandates or new vaccination requirements, their jobs have become harder since 2020.

Girl with Ball - Carnegie Museum 2020

The Crisis and Trauma Research Institute recently hosted a private training for Arts Council members on de-escalating conflict and potentially volatile situations for arts organizations. The training covered the warning signs of violent behavior, factors that enable violence (such as systemic, societal, and interpersonal issues), and offered strategies for diffusing difficult situations.

At the end of the day, we all want our visitors to have a great experience while keeping our front-of-house staff safe. If you’re interested in learning more about de-escalation training, you can view a shortened version of this training for free until April 4, 2022, courtesy of the Arts Council.

Access the course here (Password: ctri83635gpac)