Restart the Arts

Image of the 2022 marketing campaign theme sticker, "N'Art,"

The arts economy, visitation, and jobs have yet to fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re continuing to support the resurgence of our community through our public service marketing campaign. In 2021, our campaign reached more than 10 million people, encouraging them to safely reengage with Pittsburgh’s world-class arts & culture.

The arts and culture community has experienced an unprecedented upheaval during the lengthy pandemic. This campaign aims to encourage new and old audiences to explore arts offerings by visiting our events website and purchasing tickets. The pandemic isn’t over yet, so our work will continue throughout summer and fall of 2022 through our N'art campaign!

Staff and volunteers bring the Restart the Artsmobile to attend Fox Chapel's Community Day, featuring performances from the Pittsburgh Opera.

Grab your N'art Sticker and Neighborhood Art Map!

Arts and cultural organizations in the Greater Pittsburgh were offered in-kind marketing support this summer & fall as part of the next phase of our community marketing initiative! Funded by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, this year’s campaign features more than 9 weeks of local advertising placements that will rotate to feature upcoming arts events on the radio, events newsletters, social media, and online news. 

You can show your support for the arts by grabbing a free sticker with our campaign slogan, N'art, named after the common Pittsburgh slang, n'at! There are four neighborhood arts maps that you can also grab to discover new organizations to support near you. Learn where you can find these fun items on Discover the Burgh!

Pick N’ Stick N’ Win Free Event Tickets with Your N’Art Sticker

For the final days of October, we're keeping our eye on Instagram! If you share your sticker or neighborhood arts map and tag us @pittsburghartscouncil, you could win theater tickets, museum passes and more! Need a sticker or map? This list should point you in the right directionWinners will be announced on Halloween, so you better get tagging!

Restart the Arts: Phase 1

In 2021, the Restart the Arts campaign included a two-month paid media campaign, as well as arts activation opportunities through the Restart the Artsmobile, a converted food truck, and shareable campaign swag. It was the perfect example of how our arts organizations have learned to survive during the pandemic. Featured artists and organizations who performed as part of the campaign included Hill Dance Academy TheatreLocal 412LibertocaNandanik Dance Troupe, and Pittsburgh Opera.

Learn More about Event Safety

With the continuing spread of new COVID-19 variants, we recognize the apprehension some feel to returning to in-person arts events. The public's support of Pittsburgh arts economy is critical to the long-term health and survivability of our industry and the careers of many arts professionals. Each venue and facility continues to maintain and adopt health protocols meant to keep you and their staff safe this fall. 

Read more about how arts venues and facilities are tackling COVID-19 during in-person events.

Sponsor Restart the Arts

The pandemic is not over and we need your help. Help the Arts Council continue to support the arts community this summer. Community foundations and corporate benefactors can directly support restarting the arts. 

Interested in a personalized sponsorship package? Email Mia Hooper, director of development and grantmaking, or call 412-391-2060 ext. 222.

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