DEAI Training & Resources

We are committed to diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI). Arts and culture opportunities help build bridges of understanding, create positive social change, and help us all learn from one another.

The Arts Council facilitates focused efforts to address issues of racial equity and inclusion in the arts, working together with our board and staff, arts professionals, community activists, and consultants to develop trainings and resources for and among communities who have traditionally been underrepresented or have not been fully included or welcomed.

We welcome you to join us in these efforts to challenge assumptions about ourselves and others so that our regional arts and culture is increasingly equitable for all.

Cecile Shellman

Cecile Shellman
Diversity Catalyst

Cecile Shellman (she/her) is a motivational speaker, author, and independent museum consultant whose work focuses on issues relevant to diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and anti-racism in museums.

The arts and culture community can take advantage of the resources and training offered by Ms. Shellman, who works with our staff and board, individuals, groups, and committees to understand immediate issues, create solutions for sustainable change, and provide support for Arts Council members. 

Interested in learning more about Cecile Shellman's work at the Arts Council and beyond? You can visit her website at

You can contact Cecile at

Ongoing DEAI Efforts

Monthly DEAI Lunch and Learn Series

The Arts Council hosts a monthly lunch-and-learn series, led by Diversity Catalyst Cecile Shellman, that tackles "uncomfortable" topics that must be unpacked and addressed to support a vibrant and equitable city of arts. These hour-long presentations are hosted monthly on Wednesdays at noon, either virtually or in our Big Room conference space.

DEAI Events

There are currently no DEAI events

Network for Arts Administrators of Color Pittsburgh

Modeled after similar groups in Boston and Washington, D.C., the Network for Arts Administrators of Color connected professionals of color to seek friendship, mentorship, and problem-solving through affiliations with other arts leaders. Our NAAC Pittsburgh affinity group has joined the new Pittsburgh Arts Administrators of Color led by leaders at the Pittsburgh Opera. Please join them if you are interested in continuing this mission!

Pittsburgh Coalition for Racial Equity in the Arts

If you are committed to discovering what role you can play in making positive change in the areas of diversity, inclusion, justice and equity, join the Pittsburgh Coalition for Racial Equity in the Arts. Connect to Coalition members through our Facebook group, where members post and share information on resources, articles, and events happening around the community. If you have questions about the Coalition, contact Senior Manager of Programs, Allison Popieski.

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