Parenting Musical Children

Parenting Musical Children, Monday January 31, with Dr. Sheila L. Johnson

Monday, January 31, 20226 - 7:30PM

Zoom Video Conference


Whether a child plays an instrument or is a vocalist, their parent is a significant guide for their child’s musical growth. Despite their best efforts, many well-meaning parents of talented youth musicians make mistakes that undermine their child's musical success. This presentation will identify and assist in addressing the many unique challenges faced by parents of musically talented children.

This workshop will also highlight the joys and challenges associated with parenting musical children, identifying signs of musical giftedness, balancing musical development and social development and common parental pitfalls to avoid. Those present will have an opportunity to have their questions addressed by music professionals and parents of gifted children during the question-and-answer period.

About Dr. Sheila L. Johnson

College professor turned artist/songwriter (SESAC), Dr. Sheila L. Johnson’s new release entitled “Lift Your Hands and Praise the Lord” is being well received. It along with her single “Freedom,” which was #9 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales Chart and #1 for 6 weeks on the International Chart in London, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Sweden Nigeria and Scotland, are taking the nations by storm. “Freedom” was also declared a Top 10 Song for 2018 on an international chart.

Dr. Johnson has released seven other recordings including her two hot gospel singles, “First Day of the Week” and “Jesus The Problem Solver.” Dr. Johnson has written and arranged music for university and high school choirs and also is known for her love song ballads. It is said, “Dr. Johnson’s music meets your diverse musical taste.” Her inspirational songs and compositions are sung by numerous and international national singing aggregations.

You can find Dr. Johnson online on Twitter @DrSheilaJohnson, on Facebook, and on Instagram @drsheilaj.

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