Opportunities NOW! Artist Advocacy Open Mic

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Thursday, April 13, 20236 - 7:30PM

Zoom Video Conference

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Let's get the mic turned on and the volume turned up! 

“Opportunities NOW!” is the first artist-focused workshop in a brand new series of Artist Advocacy Open Mics, hosted by Clara Kent.

Clara, a local multidisciplinary artist, entrepreneur, artist advocate, and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council’s new Artist Outreach Coordinator, believes all artists and teaching artists deserve an open space, or "mic," to share not only their art skills and experiences, but their needs and concerns. This workshop series is concentrated on solution-based opportunities and resource-centered discussions for artists of all ages, abilities, and disciplines in the Greater Pittsburgh region. 

One of Clara's first priorities in her Artist Outreach role is to provide resources for career longevity and accessibility for BIPOC and low-income communities. With this workshop series, she intends to create a genuine space for communal exchange between the Black community, professional artists, and arts education organizations through her years of experience in artistry and advocacy. 

This virtual workshop will begin with a brief welcome and sharing from Clara and then lead straight into a facilitated discussion around self-sustainability, ecosystem building, and community support. The final half-hour of the workshop will be a direct resource swap with a few arts education and artist-led organizations sharing info on their current opportunities available for artists. Register now to secure your spot at the table.

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Clara Kent

Clara Kent
Artist Outreach Coordinator

Clara Kent is an Afro-Indigenous multidisciplinary artist and community liaison from Homewood, Pa. Whether the medium is music, canvas, or curation, Kent will work to uplift the creative community, especially for Black artists and youth, as a whole through her actions in mentorship, her raw & vulnerable artistry, and her motivational words and posts.