Hope Gelfand Alcorn

Hope weaves “joyful noise” throughout her works. Focusing down to the root of all art, she uses color and movement in abstract formations to shape, inspire, and excite the mind. She captures the raucous sound of color in the wild and lets it swirl and fly and shout, barely contained by the edges of the canvas. White Noise lulls us into calmness and rest; Joyful Noise is the sound of stimulation and awakening.

Hope has been experimenting with color and movement for the past 23 years. Using acrylic paint on canvas, she blends dynamic imagery with the colors of her paints and the textures of her materials to create rich vibrant designs. One of her favorite methods of creation involves two canvases of the same size being individually painted with acrylic paints. When dry, one is removed from the frame and cut into strips.  The second canvas is then partially cut into strips, and the first canvas strips are woven into the second canvas. This continues until all the strips are completely merged into one piece. Hope also often uses liquid acrylics and a negative transfer process with self-cut stencils to layer multiple colors on industrial wool (felt) painting surfaces. 

Diverted Wavelets