Eleven Stanwix

Art on the Walls Summer Exhibition

If you’re working or exploring downtown, don’t miss the hidden gem that is the Arts on the Walls exhibition in the lobby of Eleven Stanwix.

Owned by Chicago-based Real Estate Management company M & J Wilkow, LTD, the exhibition at Eleven Stanwix features two exhibitions annually, highlighting new local artists within each exhibition. Each presentation is displayed for approximately six months on kiosks and pedestals within the lobby, so you have plenty of time to check it out.

The current exhibition will be on display through May of 2023.

You can view Eleven Stanwix's exhibition in their lobby located at 11 Stanwix Street in Downtown Pittsburgh. The lobby is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and by appointment only on Saturdays and Sundays. Masks are required until further notice. All artwork is for sale.

To schedule a weekend appointment to view this exhibition, contact Art on the Walls Client Manager Erin O'Neill at eoneill@pittsburghartscouncil.org

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Current Exhibition

  • Bold rays of light shoot through the branches of a fallen tree, whose limbs reach up and to the right in triumph. The photograph's bright light is contrasted with brown and golden shadows.

    Victoria Bennett Beyer

    Victoria's idea of a good time is packing up the truck, hitting the road with her husband and daughter, and driving somewhere she has never been before. In the time between life’s road trips, she tries to live in the present and to see the beauty in every day. To her, this focus is vivid and clear and full of glorious detail. She thinks in their aesthetic, her photographs reflect these values.
  • An illustration of a bouquet of red, purple, and pink flowers, emanating from the center of a grey space.

    Kimberly Joya

    Kimberly creates to conceptualize what she can’t quite put into words and turns it into flowers instead. Her paintings are pours of her heart onto canvas and paper. Each floral illustration captures the essence of a special moment in time within her life.
  • A painting in a recycled wood frame, depicting white-grey skies and paths in Schenley park, the path lined with twiggy trees and brown earth, with a figure wearing a red scarf.

    Kate Lundy

    Kate Lundy's work is a balance of portraying the mental hardships she's faced and found peace in nature. Although portraits are a prominent subject of her work and how she express es vulnerability, this body of work is primarily focused on the calming effects of nature as well as landscapes of her new home, Pittsburgh.
  • Flower of Sun. Kaleb Gandy, Emma Reints, and Desean Krynski of Industrial Arts Workshop, 2021

    Industrial Arts Workshop

    It is the mission of the Industrial Arts Workshop to inspire artistic literacy in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond by offering enrichment opportunities that advance the understanding and process of sculpture-making artists and their work. IAW does this by creating original works of sculpture, promoting artistic literacy, inspiring, and supporting sculpture artists and through collaboration, accessible education programs, projects, and outreach.

Past Exhibitions

Missed the previous exhibitions? You can still view the art from past exhibitions: