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About Us

The Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC) drives political, financial, and professional support for the entire Greater Pittsburgh arts community.

With the tagline, "Arts loud and clear," GPAC acts as a central conduit for resources and information to and from the arts community. We are a megaphone through which the arts community speaks to policymakers in budget season, and a counselor through which it finds legal and business advice. GPAC is a bulletin board where artists find new commission opportunities, and a laboratory where arts marketers can grow their audiences. We are a classroom where arts professionals learn new skills, and a concierge for the public seeking an arts experience. Through research, we see the big picture of the forest that helps individual trees to grow. In short, GPAC is uniquely positioned as the business-to-business organization serving the local arts industry. With a membership of over 270 organizations and artists representing roughly 2,500 individuals, GPAC serves as the voice for the arts and culture in the greater Pittsburgh region.

Why We Exist (Our Mission)

To expand the reach, influence, and effectiveness of the region's diverse and vibrant arts and culture community by providing leadership, advocacy, capacity building, and connections.

What We Do (Our Competencies)

Advocacy and Research
Capacity Building
Marketing and Audience Development
Grant Making

What We Always Keep in Mind (Our Guiding Principle)

Define and serve the greater good.

What's Important to Us (Our Values)


What We Aim to Accomplish (Our Goals)

  1. Increase visibility of and support for the arts.
  2. Enhance the capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the arts and culture community.
  3. Create an environment and opportunities that are supportive of individual artists.
  4. Serve as a model organization that strives to incorporate best practices, increase internal efficiency, and ensure organizational sustainability.

The Dream (Our Vision)

A flourishing arts and culture community that is recognized as central to our thriving region.


ProArts and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Alliance merged to form the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council in May of 2005.  GPAC integrates service and support with advocacy to more fully contribute to the growth and health of Pittsburgh’s dynamic arts community.

GPAC At A Glance


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